Ty Morrison-Heath

Gneiss Software


We make digital maps and guides for adventures in Southwest MT.

Ski Bozeman

This digital guide contains beta for the best backcountry skiing vistas in Southwest Montana.  Working with author Ben Werner, Gneiss Software was able to bring his informative Backcountry Skiing Bozeman And Big Sky to an innovative new iPhone and iPad application.  Using the GPS in every iPhone, the user's location is displayed on our informative slope angle maps, allowing the user to help make informed decisions on terrain risk management.  25 routes are covered in extensive detail, with full beta on the approach, avalanche information, route statistics, and how to get there.  All data is stored on the device, ensuring awesome maps even when there isn't cell coverage.

Climb Montana

The next generation of climbing guides has arrived.  Using the GPS in every iPhone, Climb Montana displays custom made maps that show the locations of climbs and trails for several popular areas.  This, combined with gorgeous photos, topos for every climb, and insightful beta about the climb and gear needed makes Climb Montana the ultimate guide for the best climbing in Southwest Montana.