About Me

Lover of the outdoors, passionate marketer, and gear nerd.

I grew up exploring the choss of the Alaskan Chugach Range and developed a deep respect and love for human-powered adventures in the mountains.

I moved to Bozeman in 2005, and have been playing in the wonderland of adventure that is Southwest Montana ever since. You can find me climbing, running, biking, skiing, hiking, or exploring in the backyard ranges and beyond.

I currently live in my van and can be found climbing around the country with my partner.


I’m a data-driven full-stack marketer. While studying GIS at Montana State University, I realized how to take the same data analysis principles and apply them to developing cost-effective and highly targeted advertising.

On the creative side, I shoot, produce, and write, from initial idea generation to editing a final product. I’m inspired to tell stories with visuals that showcase what makes a product or service stand out to the target audience. I also do live multi-camera event streaming on Facebook and YouTube for projects best shared in real-time.

For web development, I’m also comfortable with a variety of CMS solutions, from WordPress to Squarespace.

If you’d like to keep up on my latest projects, follow @adventure.aday on Instagram.